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06 January 2007

The Great Escape

Sadly, no one bought me a motorbike for Christmas, but I did manage to break out of Stalag Luft Chester. Not once, but twice!

Sometime in the wee small hours of Friday morning, I decided to roam further afield. This being a posh sort of place, I have two cat flaps, one in each back door. One is currently off-limits, due to the cold weather. The other is my usual exit, giving out onto the back yard. A quick jump and I'm up on the wall and can roam along looking into the neighbours' back yards.

Anyway, Friday morning I went a bit further than usual , just for exploration's sake, and found myself at the front of the street. In our front garden. But I couldn't get back, so I was forced to sit under the tree and wait several hours in the chill night air until She Who Controls the Can Opener finally realised I was "missing in action" and came looking for me.

Boy, I was glad to get back into the warmth and I duly celebrated by stuffing myself with a late breakfast.

This morning, again in the early hours, off I went again... This time, I performed a death-defying leap across the alley that runs between the backs of the houses. I tell you, McQueen would have been proud of me! I must say, the back yards on the other side of the alley aren't half as an interesting, but nevertheless I jumped down for a quick shufti.

Of course, once down, I was stuck and was forced to shelter in some disgusting, ancient privy until She Who Controls the Can Opener came to my rescue, by which time I was muddy, wet, cold and hungry.

I'm slowly warming up again after another hearty breakfast. I think I'll stay in tonight...