Nelson's Column

It's a cat's life...

25 January 2009

Locked out

She Who Controls the Can Opener had a bit of a party last night. It had been so peaceful during the day then suddenly my mansion was full of loud music and even louder people. And it went on for hours. Mostly, I stayed upstairs for fear of being trodden on. Occasionally, I peered around the door of the living room to enjoy the oohs and aahs as Her guests gasped at my handsomeness.

Around 1am, I reappeared looking for Whiskas as I was peckish. The back door was open! So naturally I nipped out to do my business. The next thing I knew, the door was shut, locked even and I was abandoned to spend a rainy, windy night sheltering under the shrubs next door.

At least She got up early this morning to let me back in. I'm off for a very extended sulk now. Sit on Her knee later? No chance. She needs to be punished properly for Her disgraceful behaviour.