Nelson's Column

It's a cat's life...

30 September 2006

Autumn is closing in

It's getting harder to find places to bask in sunshine around here. And She Who Controls the Can-Opener hasn't yet bothered to put the central heating back on. It's chilly indoors - I noticed that when she's feeling the nip in the air, she puts a fleece on. I have to make do with my fur - good job there's plenty of it.

She also had the nerve to disappear for a couple of days at the beginning of last week. Some daft conference or other, if I recall correctly. That left The Boss to look after me - he was ok about feeding me regularly. I made sure of that by whining and crying a lot so he wouldn't forget my presence. And I took the opportunity to stir up trouble by picking fights with the House-Bitch of Doom - mainly so I could grab all the food. The Boss soon wised up to that one by feeding us separately. Grrr.

I was glad when she came home and order was restored. I resumed sleeping on her desk while she tries to work - how I hate it when she clutters up my space with dictionaries and other useless printed stuff. What use is to me? I can't read it, it just gets in the way so I can't stretch out properly.

Anyway, She let me sleep on the bed the night she returned. A rare treat. Normally, She shuts the connecting door to the hallway, which stops me sneaking up the stairs at bedtime and installing myself on my special corner of the duvet. I should be allowed on the bed every night, by rights. After all, I'm the alpha cat round here. And if I'm upstairs, the House-Bitch of Doom isn't, so it's a good arrangement. Unfortunately, it's only a good arrangement if I can actually get past the connecting door.

I had my revenge a few days ago when the new cleaner forgot to shut the door - I hid in Her wardrobe for a few hours to give her a fright and ensure I got extra rations and cuddles.

This typing lark is exhausting. Time for a nap and sweet dreams of mice...